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The Sivananda Tradition - Raja Yoga

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Marianne took us all on a journey through a stimulating talk explaining her own journey with yoga, the people behind the Sivananda tradition and what Raja Yoga is.

Offering poignant questions throughout the session ….. So what is the mind? where are we now? What about realisation? Allowing us time to be curious about What we are looking for? What is IT?

The techniques: Looking after the vehicle: the 5 principles were described and formed the foundation of the session.

After initial relaxation we were treated to exploring Gajananam Mantra, practiing pranayama techniques of Kapalbhati and Anuloma/villoma.

We were the expertly guided through the Sivananda foundational postures with dedicated relaxation between each posture.

"Guided Yoga Nidra led us blissfully into final relaxation."

Starting with Sirsasana we flowed into Balasana. Sarvangasana followed counterbalanced with Halasana.

Matsyasana and then makarasana (crocodile) weaved into Pashimottasana.

Bhujangasana (cobra) and Ardha salabhasana (half locust) developed us into Dhanurasana

We ended the sequence with Trikonasana.

A well-earned Savasana, and guided Yoga Nidra led us blissfully into final relaxation.

A delightful and insightful session THANK YOU MARIANNE

Julia (SYA Chair)

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