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A Wonderful Treat for SYA !

Magdalena initiated a captivating session by introducing the concept of Gene Keys, a fusion of spiritual, mystical, and scientific teachings by Richard Rudd (2013). This system suggests that our DNA holds immense potential for personal and collective evolution, with each gene key symbolising a facet of human experience, from challenges to higher expressions. By delving into these gene keys, as individuals, we can unlock dormant potentials for a more fulfilling life. Astrology supplements this exploration, offering additional layers of resonance and symbolism to enrich understanding.

Magdalena further explained how the numeric system adds further depth, providing context and support for personal growth and spiritual realisation. Exploring these numbers unveils the interconnectedness of cosmic forces and individual experiences, offering a broader perspective.

Transitioning seamlessly, the session embraced Shakti Yoga Dancing as a celebration of beauty, freedom, and spirituality. Magdalena encouraged participants to revel in movement, express themselves authentically, and connect with the divine through sacred chants and music. This practice fostered a profound sense of liberation, inner peace, and spiritual awakening among participants.

The session concluded with a mesmerising live performance, showcasing Magdalena's exceptional singing talent. This harmonious finale left a lasting impression, serving as a delightful treat for all involved.

A truly wonderful experience!


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