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A Truly Transformative Experience!

We recently had the pleasure of Guest Tutor Curvaceous Carla’s Kunda Dance® session. It was a truly transformative experience! Carla's expertise and passion for energising the seven chakras through dance movement as well as embodying the elements of kundalini yoga, tai chi & Qi gong was evident from the moment we began.

Throughout the session, Carla skilfully guided us through a journey of self-discovery, incorporating chakra mantras, expressions, and characteristics into each dance sequence. It was wonderful to see how seamlessly Carla wove together the teachings of each chakra with dynamic and expressive movements, allowing us all to embody the essence of each energy center, fully.

What truly stood out was Carla's ability to infuse each gesture with deep meaning and intention. As we danced, Carla encouraged us to tap into the feelings and meanings behind each movement, to let go of what doesn't serve us, all creating a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

By the end of the session, we felt more aligned, energised, and connected. Carla's Kunda Dance session not only provided a fantastic workout but also left us with a sense of inner peace and clarity. We were all ready for the lovely Yin session that followed finishing with a visualisation relaxation.

Thank you, Carla, for a most enjoyable experience!

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