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Join Us

Southampton Yoga Association (SYA) is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers to serve its members and it has a strong membership community.

Membership is just £15 and runs from January to December each year. It offers BIG SAVINGS on every event (so it is worthwhile purchasing at any time during the year).

SYA Member's Benefits include:

- Discounted ticket prices for ALL events on the annual programme

- Access to special Members Only events such as the SYA Celebration Day (with a highly renowned international teacher) and organised 'SYA on Tour' events

- Opportunities to regularly meet and chat face to face with other yoga teachers and keen yoga students

Advertise your own yoga events on the SYA Facebook Group and network online

- The chance to become an SYA Volunteer and attend events for FREE! (see below)

Don't delay. Join us today!

Join the SYA Team

Southampton Yoga Association is run by voluntary Committee Members and Event Volunteers and would not be able to continue without the goodwill of this team.

Can you offer some time to help? Perhaps you could arrive early and help set up an event? Maybe take notes at a meeting or contribute ideas for the way the SYA is run? More volunteers are always welcome!

Volunteer Event Co-ordinators and Event Helpers have the opportunity to attend events for FREE!

Contact the committee if you are interested in finding out more.

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