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Gratitude to Rob for a wonderful "Living Yoga" workshop!

In the "Living Yoga" workshop led by Rob, 22 participants were firstly, expertly guided through an exploration of Dirgha Pranayama, also known as the "Three-Part Breath" or "Complete Breath." The workshop emphasised the continuous guidance of yoga philosophy, with a focus on Pratyahara, Dharma, Dyhana, leading towards Samadhi. The practice of Dirgha Pranayama was highlighted for its role in shifting towards sensing mode, activating the parasympathetic nervous system to counter the stress response and induce relaxation.

Rob emphasised the significance of the mind-body connection in alignment with the vagus nerve, a key component of the parasympathetic nervous system. By integrating breath, awareness, and movement, Dirgha Pranayama was presented as a pathway to tap into the potential benefits associated with vagal tone and overall mind-body balance.

Throughout the session, Rob illuminated the physiological advantages of breath retention, or Kumbhaka, in pranayama. Detailing that by pausing after an exhale how this influences carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, prompting the body to open airways and enhance blood flow. The gradual rise in CO2 contributes to a more efficient exchange of gases during the subsequent inhalation, optimising oxygen uptake and utilisation.

The intentional breath pause proves beneficial for improved respiratory function, fostering overall oxygen efficiency, and promoting a well-balanced and healthy respiratory system.

As all participants engaged in deep and mindful breathing, a robust connection between the mind and body was established. The awareness of the breath played a crucial role in fostering a sense of presence and heightened awareness. This induced state of feeling 'lightened,' creating an optimal mental and physical state to initiate into asana flow.

As participants flowed through various Kriya, the rhythmic nature of deep breathing and movement was highlighted for stimulating the relaxation response throughout the body, mind, and spirit. The practice was described as both energising and grounding, supporting a sense of invigoration by increasing oxygen supply while fostering a grounded presence in the present moment.

Overall, the workshop provided a holistic experience, emphasising the interconnectedness of breath, movement, and mindfulness for a balanced and harmonious approach to living yoga.

Thank You Rob for a wonderful session.

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