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"Drumming is an ancient dialogue, where the rhythms we create echo the heartbeat"

On November 11th we enjoyed the journey of discovering the rich and diverse world of Djembe drumming!

The enigmatic Richard Parker guided us to explore our roots of rhythm expertly leading us to understand three fundamental sounds that form the foundation for creating rhythmic patterns-  ‘bass, tone, and slap’.

We all began to experience how playing the Djembe drum in a community setting offers a holistic experience that encompasses spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. We were provided a platform for rhythmical expression, encouraged to foster a sense of unity, all of which contributed to both individual and collective health.

It became apparent that engaging in rhythmic activities like drumming, particularly within a community, stimulates the release of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters associated with feelings of pleasure as well as stress reduction. Drumming literally produces smiling!

It was a truly enlightening experience concreting that the act of creating music together can enhance a sense of spiritual connection among participants, fostering a shared sense of purpose and harmony.


In truth…………. We were all quite amazed at how this drumming session helped to build confidence, motivation, and inspire creative expression. Moreover, it created a deeper connection within all who were present.

Richard provided a wonderful uplifting and nurturing environment.

Thank you Richard! a truly inspiring session

Richard runs regular workshops.

For further information

Julia (SYA Chair)

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