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Fantastic Celebration Day!

The Durley Hall was totally transformed by the inspirational Sandra Barnes, into a wonderfully welcoming beautiful Shala.

A magnificent Mandala lay central throughout the event, Sari silks, flowers, plants, incense adorned the hall. Music, chimes, gongs, rituals, and connections to the self were all expertly harmonised to bring a welcoming inner joy and a peace to all.

The event started with a human sunshine shape around the mandala, reflection, oracle cards and intention setting. As we gathered together we explored the world of the extra ordinary; the realities we so often forget.

A gradual nourishing awakening Shakti flow followed, with an increase in demand option, regularly offered, uniting us to inner and outer worlds. Sandra continuously invited us to breathe, move and radiate with love.

'Return to remembering what makes you sparkle’ a poignant mantra.

After a deliciously nutritious lunch (provided by Nourish & Thrive) we were treated to a Cacao ceremony followed by an elemental dance journey. We were all invited to join together in a sunshine circle to drink ceremonial grade Cacao (a plant medicine concoction). Sensing into the dreams and desires our hearts hold, welcoming them to be alchemised into being with the help of cacao's heart medicine. Individually, we took turns to share a dedication with liberty to honour and celebrate whatever/ whoever we wished.

With music to guide us we then danced through the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit exploring our bodies range of movement and deep wisdom through freedom of expression.

The afternoon closed with a deep transporting sound bath, allowing our energy to settle and for us to absorb the magic of the day.

A truly exceptional celebration day!

Julia (SYA Chair)

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