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A Transformative Yoga Celebration with Katy Appleton.

Southampton Yoga Association's Yoga Celebration Day (June 8th), featured the incredible Katy Appleton. This event was nothing short of transformative, and we all left feeling deeply inspired and renewed.


The morning session set a powerful tone with the chanting of the mantra "oṃ gaṃ gaṇapataye namaḥ," a beautiful invocation to remove obstacles. This mantra helped us tap into our inner tapas, the beneficial challenge that fuels personal growth and transformation. Katy's guidance through various asana stages was both gentle and empowering, leading us toward the peak pose, bakasana (crow)


What stood out was Katy’s emphasis on individual experience—"It's not what you do, it's the way you do it" was a constant, liberating reminder. There was no room for "comparing despairing"; instead, we focused on our personal journey and how we felt in each moment.


Katy eloquently explained that tapas is about our inherent transformational power, and the practice of yoga equips us with the tools to confront and alter what we wish to change within ourselves. On and off the mat.  Katy acknowledged that this process can be prickly and uncomfortable, but Katy’s compassionate presence made us all feel held and supported as we walked through the fire of transformation. By the end of the morning session, we all felt a renewed sense of self and an acceptance of where ‘I am in my journey.’


Lunch was a delightful community affair, prepared by the wonderful Louise Hallam from Nourish & Thrive. The delicious meal not only nourished our bodies but also extended the joy from the morning session, making it easy to settle into the afternoon's activities.


The focus of the afternoon was Tejas, "The light within." Katy's guidance through a variety of pranayama, mantra, meditation, and asana was sublime. Each practice offered a pathway to quiet the mind, body, and soul, allowing us to access a deeper awareness of our inner radiance. We explored our inner luminosity and brilliance across the subtle layers of body and intellect, connecting more profoundly with ourselves.


Overall, the Yoga Celebration Day was a perfect blend of challenge, support, nourishment, and inner exploration. Katy Appleton's expertise and warmth made this event a standout experience. 


I personally left feeling enlightened, energised, and deeply connected to my inner self.


This celebration day was truly a joyous gift.



Julia SYA Chair

The lovely lunchtime spread enjoyed by all - Cake also followed! xxx

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