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The Southampton Yoga Association (SYA) was established in 1987 for Yoga enthusiasts in the Southampton area.


The aims of the SYA are:

  • To be Inclusive – for all yoga practitioners
  • To be non-profit making and affordable; run by volunteers
  • To hold monthly workshops with a wide variety of visiting tutors
  • To enable members to broaden their horizons of yoga experience and deepen their yoga practice
  • To provide informal continuing professional development (CPD)
  • To provide a supportive networking environment 

We organise monthly Yoga events that are open to both members and non-members. Tutors are carefully chosen to provide opportunities to experience and enjoy as many different Yoga styles as possible.

Many great tutors have been leading these workshops over the years. This has been made possible through our membership system and the regular attendance at workshops. It would not be viable without YOU, the SYA members!


  • COVID-19 Safety Guide
  • COVID-19
  • SYA 18/19 Accounts published
  • Notes from the Somatic workshop now available
  • Online Booking and Payments are now live.


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Southampton Yoga Association session Southampton Yoga Association session
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