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Kara Gray Delivers Menopause Session on 12th November 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

After the initial outlining of the session content for ‘yoga for menopause’ Kara led us through grounding breath combined with steady flow movements into cat & cow helping to stretch our bodies and prepare for further activities.

‘Coordinating this movement with ‘Ocean Breath’ helps with relieving the ‘overwhelmingness and anxiety’ often experienced during menopause’. The releasing of anxiety, letting go of stress and calming the mind continued as a theme throughout the session. Being guided to return back to the ease of ocean breath throughout the session helped to maintain the focus on exploring the self.

“Kara expertly led us into further states of pratyahara reminding us of the ‘power of silence’. ”

We all found our own version of Vrksasana and explored the flow of the upper body whilst grounding the lower body. Feeling and receiving the support Mother Earth can provide particularly when we are ‘out of sorts’ with ourselves.

Kara expertly led us into further states of pratyahara reminding us of the ‘power of silence’. The supported, fully immersive, child pose afforded time to be quietly present with whatever showed up. Further ‘delicious, yummy’ restorative poses were enjoyed including Viparita Karani ; offered a wealth of benefits to ease the burden of ‘overwhelmingness and anxiety’

During extended Savasana Kara reminded us that it’s ‘ok not to be ok and to remember that a rest is not a failure’… was shared. We were then asked to consider, in our journals,

  • What we will take away from the experience of the workshop

  • How to incorporate men- o -pause within our day?

  • How would doing less in your day feel?

A communal discussion pursued before we ended a very lovely session indeed!

Thank you Kara Gray Yoga

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