There are many different styles of Yoga and the monthly Yoga events arranged by SYA provide opportunities for experiencing these different Yoga styles. The tutors for these SYA events are carefully chosen so that members can enjoy as great a variety as possible.

Diary of Events for 2021

Please link to Workshop descriptions through the event date.


Workshops may be run as morning only online events pending a committee decision to be taken closer to the time. Events will open for booking once a decision is taken and the booking details are updated accordingly. 

16th January
Ayurveda Julia Chilcott-Coombes
6th February
Hatha Yoga WaiChung-AnuraDasi
20th March ONLINE VIA ZOOM Change Perspective, Transform Practice Marc Acquaviva
17th April
Core Inversion Angela Trumper
15th May
Qi Gong, 5 Rhythms Martin Julich
12th June
Embodying The Yoga Sūtra Ranju Roy
10th July
From Yang to Yin Sarah Rush
11th September
Creative Use of Props Karen Percival
16th October Tantra Workshop Laura Green
6th November Radiant Self Raquel Alves
4th December A Cosy Winter Workshop to re-balance and restore your energy Jo Welch
Bookings and Payments:
If you wish to book an event please use the Book online icon at each event below.  A place will be reserved for you, if available.  You will need a debit or credit card to pay online in order to complete the booking. 
You will receive a confirmation email after each booking.  We recommend that you set a password against your email address after your first booking - then you can access all your bookings at any time by visiting

Prices for 2021: 

  Half day pre-booked £ Full day pre-booked £
Member 12 28
Non-Member* 24 40


*Please note that the difference between the member and non-member price is £12 (i.e. the membership fee) which means that non-members can simply join SYA at no extra charge to the non-member event fee by just completing a membership form and members recover their membership fee through the savings on the price of one event.


Events are normally held at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley Street, Durley, Southampton, SO32 2AR.


Tutors may require participants to bring their own props. Where this is the case these requirements are listed in the event description.


Please note that you can substitute a towel for a blanket, or substitute a rolled up blanket or towel for a bolster.


Please endeavour to borrow flat blocks, bricks and belts from a fellow yogi when you don’t have your own.

COVID-19 Safety:

Please read this guide for booking and attending workshops from September 2020 onwards.

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"Zoom" Workshops:

If a workshop is to be be run online using the Zoom application then here are some tips to get you up and running in using Zoom.

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Yoga Morning with Julia Chilcott-Coombes

Saturday 16 January 2021 10am – 12noon Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.


We will be delving into how our yoga practice exists in relation to our Five senses (Tanmatras); how these enable us to connect with the five sense organs (Pancha Jnanendriyani); how the five organs of action (Pancha Karmendriyani) enable us to communicate and manifest ourselves and correspond to the five elements (Pancha Mahabhuta) thus connecting with the cosmic energy that is manifested in the five elements; which, according to Ayurveda, are the basis of all matter and apply to all including the mind.


We will include a contemporary version of the timeless, universal contemplative meditation inspired by the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. Ayurveda provides a path to bring us back to the knowledge of the spirit, or Purusha. It opens our awareness and teaches us that we are not just the body; this is a tool or vehicle for expression of consciousness.


Through the array of tools offered to us we have an opportunity to further connect to our own true nature. We will explore the three Gunas: Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. It is mainly on a mental level that the Gunas have a significant effect. When in balance they promote harmony and health which shines a light on our inner selves (Atman). According to Ayurveda the balance of the three Gunas in our mental constitution has a profound effect on our state of mind and emotion.


At the end of this session we will have a deeper understanding of how we are able to alter our mental and emotional constitution through the practice of Dinacharya, Abhyanga & Rasayana.


Julia Chilcott-Coombes 

BA (Hons), Phys Ed Cert, PGCE, E-RYT-500, CYQ-YMCA Dip, MCMA

Julia is the founder of Yoga Veda UK, a fully qualified and experienced Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Consultant, and Registered Therapist. Combined with her background as a secondary school teacher, Julia is perfectly placed to share her passion and enthusiasm for improving well-being, through clear and informative practices.

Julia combines her traditional Indian yoga training with a fusion of western Yoga teacher training to include aspects of Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga to meet the needs of her clients. Julia has developed her own thriving Ayurveda and Yoga practice, Yoga Veda UK based in Southampton (UK).

Please do visit the YVUK website for further information

Yoga Morning with WaiChung-AnuraDasi

Saturday 6 February 2021 10am – 12noon Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.

Hatha Yoga (slow & gentle for the Mind, Body & Soul)

Setting the intention of inner harmony and love for this workshop. We will work slowly and gently, using traditional Hatha yoga including; pranayama, simple asanas, the heart mudra, mantras Om Namo Narayana & Gayatri Mantra, relaxation with Tibetan bowls and percussion instruments, and completing with a short guided meditation to return to your inner peace. Suitable for mixed levels and gender. You will be provided with options to suit your rhythm and ability. 

  Students are asked to bring their own props as follows:-
  1x yoga mat
  1x cushion for meditation
  2x blocks
  1x blanket for relaxation


International teacher WaiChung-AnuraDasi teaches yoga based on love and kindness.


Her spiritual journey began at the age of 16 with Buddhism. After falling ill in 2002, she found the path of yoga to heal herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With the Grace of yoga she now teaches from 18 years of experience internationally. She also provides Tibetan Bowls Chakra Healing for women, and facilitates retreats.


WaiChung-AnuraDasi lives by the teachings of yoga and her Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Usually yoga classes with WaiChung-AnuraDasi are slow and gentle, including; Pranayama, Asana and Meditation for the harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.

Yoga Morning with Marc Acquaviva

Saturday 20 March 2021 10am – 12noon  Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.

Change Perspective, Transform Practice

Outline plan:
Introduction to the theme of the session and to a principle-base practice, followed by practical examples and guidance. Once established, participants will be asked for asana suggestions so that they can learn to apply the principles to their own choice of postures. Follwed by a Q & A, and Marc will be looking for particular physical issues to resolve for people that ask. This will be followed by a practical demonstration of application, and group participation in what they see. This cycle will repeat until approximately 30 minutes before the end, where Marc will guide an Acquaviva-style yoga nidra followed by him chanting with shrutti box accompaniment to end the session.

1.To illustrate how most of what we 'learn' to do in our yoga practice, despite being useful during our learning process, can become 'fixed mental impressions', which, as described in Patanjali's sutras, act as one of the 5 main stumbling blocks to discovering the direct experience of yoga. And how a principle-based approach to physical practice holds the key to unlocking the direct experience of what Yoga do for people.
2. To offer brand new ways of guiding people's attention so that the body's responses are no longer under the regime of both unconscious and learnt habitual movement.
3. To approach a range of familiar postures (as requested by participants) using these principles as the 'structure', so that attendees receive a new and direct somatic experience of posture work from this perspective.
4. To apply the principles directly to practice, and also to show how this can be used directly to resolve long-term physical complications.


To inspire those that come to discover new avenues of exploration, and to awaken participants to the potential of Yoga principles applied to the physical as a viable and effective way of directly solving apparent complications in physical practice. Also to expose teachers to the Acquaviva methodology of 'Creating the Conditions'.

Marc J Acquaviva

Marc has been passionate about yoga since his early childhood (since 1968), and from 1991 he studied and practised exclusively with people that have worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli, such as Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, as well as with the highly respected osteopaths that have been called to further understanding of her work, such as Pete Blackaby and John Stirk. During his study years, Marc has also explored and drawn from other wellbeing practices, such as Feldenkrais and Qi Gong. He qualified as a yoga teacher in 2000 with Natural Bodies of Brighton doing Gary Carter's anatomy for yoga course, and develop his own unique take on the work after suffering from a prolapsed disc whilst training. The prolapse meant he wasn't able to walk, but he found that it was possible, through his own innate somatic sense of the body-relationships involved, to relieve the symptoms and restore function... He 'healed' the prolapse for himself within a few weeks, and has been developing and using his unique approach to help others ever since.


Marc is the author of the course content for his own Acquaviva School of Yoga and of the proprietary approach to this work (Creating the Conditions ©). He has run several CPD days for BWY and for Yoga Scotland on various subjects, as well as for Namaste International in Austin US. He also currently teaches for free online every Tuesday, as well as running small private online groups and courses for students around the world.

Yoga Morning with Angela Trumper

Saturday 17 April 2021 10am – 12noon  Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.

The workshop will concentrate on core strength, developing it as we weave in and out of inversions from down facing dog to headstand with many alternatives throughout the class. Focusing on exploring our own fulcrum to enhance each posture. However the main focus is to find the joy of our practice.

This class is for all abilities. You may want to bring props and blanket and of course bags of enthusiasm.

Angela Trumper

Angela has been studying yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. Her training is with British Wheel of Yoga. She has studied with many teachers including Liz Lark.

Yoga has taken her to India and Cuba. She teaches Ashtanga and Hatha. She loves that yoga is for everyone and all abilities. She loves sharing her experience and observing her students' journey and the fact that yoga is unique to everyone.

Yoga Morning with Martin Julich

Saturday 15 May 2021 10am – 12noon Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.

The workshop will start with some Pranayama and Meditation to explore getting settled and grounded, followed by a mixture of Yin and Dynamic Style influenced Yoga. If there are any ailments or needs in the room, do voice them, as the form of the session will change according to who’s actually there.


The slowness of Yin lends itself to listen within and allows explorations of adjustments guided from the inner feeling. In Yin we tend to explore postures for 1-5 minutes, whilst the Dynamic Yoga influence focuses of Grounding, Broadening and Lengthening and activating your Bandha from the Hand and Foot Spirals.

  Students are asked to use their own props as follows:-
  3x flat blocks
  1x blanket

Martin Julich

Martin has been practising Yoga, Qi Gong and Conscious Dance (5 Rhythms) since the the mid to late 80’s and loves an approach of ‘Being Inclusive’ in his teaching, aspiring to listen to and follow the inner voice to work with what presents in the room. His trainings in 5 Rhythms and Gestalt Therapy have a big influence in this. He runs Love Yoga Studio and with his partner Laura Davison at the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies. He is also a Shiatsu Practitioner and Chinese Herbalist.

Yoga Morning with Ranju Roy

Saturday 12 June 2021 10am –12:00noon Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.


Support, Direction and Space in āsana and prāṇāyāma
The subtitle of our book (Support, Direction and Space) is actually a coded reference to the gūṇa – support links to tamas, direction to rajas and space to sattva. In this workshop we will explore how we can apply these ideas in a clear and practical way to both āsana and prāṇāyāma using the body, breath and focused attention.


Pre-Booking is essential for this event

Ranju Roy

Ranju ( is a yoga teacher based in the SW of England, teaching group classes and individuals as well as workshops and retreats. Since 2004 he has run teacher training courses and retreats with Dave Charlton under the banner of Sādhana Mālā ( Together, Dave and Ranju wrote Embodying The Yoga Sūtra: Support, Direction and Space (Pinter and Martin, 2019)

Yoga Morning with Sarah Rush

Saturday 10 July 2021 10am – 12noon Book online


Please note that this workshop event will be ONLINE VIA ZOOM. Members booked on will receive a Zoom invite the day before the workshop. Tips on how to use Zoom may be found here.

From Yang to Yin

A beautifully blended practice of yang and yin sequences for balancing energy, flexibility and strength. This workshop will explore what yin and yang qualities are and how they apply to yoga helpIng us experience a fully balanced practice. Bringing two styles of yoga together this workshop begins with a breath led alignment focused flow combining fluid movement with steadying holds to aid circulation along with building strength and stamina. A yin and mindfulness practice follows to target the connective tissue bringing the body and mind to stillness. With philosophy from the yogic and Chinese Medicine traditions woven throughout, create some time out to replenish and reset your nervous system with space for reflection on what balance means to you.

  Students are asked to use their own props as follows:-
  1x notebook/journal and pen
  1x yoga mat
  1x blanket
  1x bolster or cushions
  bricks are optional

Sarah Rush

Sarah has been practising yoga for thirty years and teaching full time since 2011. Over this time she has developed a warm and compassionate style of teaching incorporating the therapeutic benefits of asana along with mindfulness practice. Her teachers are many and varied which is evident in her style. Originally training to teach vinyasa flow she has since qualified to teach yoga for people with cancer; adults and children with disabilities; pregnancy and post natal; yin and mindfulness Insight training with her teacher Sarah Powers incorporating philosophy and practices drawn from Buddhism. Expect to be gently challenged and have a lot of fun with yogic philosophy and poetry woven throughout. Classes are welcoming for all levels.

Yoga Morning with Karen Percival

Saturday 11 September 2021 10am – 12noon 


Creative Use of Props

In this 2 hour workshop Karen will lead us through a Krama practice developing strength & control by using props in creative & perhaps different ways.


This will be a strong PHYSICAL class, and not suitable for beginners or people with many injuries or that do not wish to invert.

  Students are asked to use their own props as follows:-
  1x thin blanket
  1x yoga mat
  1x yoga block
  1x pair of thick socks

Karen Percival

Karen has been teaching Yoga in the area since 2004, after qualifying with FRYOG. Trained originally as a PE teacher she taught PE in local Secondary schools for many years, introducing yoga to the PE curriculum, key stages 2, 3 & 4 and also yoga and other forms of fitness to adults in many of the area’s health clubs. Karen is a dynamic, highly motivated person, and this shines through in her teaching which is authentic & creative. As a professional teacher, her lessons are always well planned, interesting and often challenging!! Drawing from different disciplines to develop yoga practice, her style is a fluid, Vinyasa flow and has been influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest, Anna Forrest, Deb Dobbin & Simon Low. In 2008 she opened her successful private Studio - Birch Tree Yoga near Wickham which offers daytime & evening classes. Karen has also been hosting CPD days for FRYOG, and many new local teachers have been influenced by Karen’s teachings.

Yoga Morning with Laura Green

Saturday 16 October 2021 10am – 12:30pm Book online

Tantra Workshop

Did you know that much of Hatha Yoga is rooted in Tantra? Explore more in this workshop on Hatha Yoga's roots in Tantra with Laura Green.  In this immersive journey into the rich depths of yoga we'll explore philosophy, history, meditation, movement, the sacred breath and our innate connection to the divine. This workshop includes an opening movement flow, an engaging and inspiring lecture followed by a full yoga practice embodying the knowledge for a complete learning experience. Learn through intellectual exploration, embodied movement and meditation the true teachings of Tantra and the origins of the yoga you love.

Laura Green

Laura is a Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer.  She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Restortative Yoga and Yin Yoga with a focus on embodiment through clear alignment and intuitive sequencing. Laura is an inspiring and intuitive yoga teacher who helps people connect with their soul’s longings and courageously step into their strength and the life of their dreams.

Full Day with Raquel Alves

Saturday 6 November 2021 10am –12:30pm  2pm – 4pm Book online

Radiant Self – The Backbend Practice

According to the yoga sutras there are 5 causes of suffering called the kleshas. These are deep psycho-emotional triggers that affect everything we do, say and feel.


The workshop will start with an overview of the kleshas to give you juicy insights into these concepts which we experience daily. Then you’ll move into a heart-opening asana practice to give insight how it can help you access ways to release the fear and small changes to and help overcome blockages that may stagnate in the body.


In this workshop you can expect to:

  • identify where you are stuck psychologically and emotionally
  • understand how the kleshas play out in real life through thoughts and habits
  • work with heart openers through the lens of the kleshas
  • learn the subtle anatomy of heart openers including bridge, bow, and pigeon backbend including modifications and variations

The kleshas are one of the most accessible and efficient ways to experience very deep shifts of consciousness.

Raquel Alves

Raquel qualified and started teaching in 1992. She is qualified as BWY, Para Yoga, Sivananda Teacher, - teaching is her great joy - "Sharing my passion, passing on knowledge and witnessing individuals connect with their inner strength and wisdom is a true privilege.”

Christmas Yoga Morning with Jo Welch

Saturday 4 December 2021 10am – 12:30pm Book online

(The yoga session is followed by a 'bring your own' drinks and nibbles, since under Covid restrictions and with the kitchen closed, this year we won't be providing our traditional non-alcoholic punch or sharing nibbles)

A Cosy Winter Workshop to re-balance and restore your energy

The morning will include a slow gentle flow with some restorative postures, candle gazing and a cosy Christmas themed Yoga Nidra relaxation to finish with.

Students are asked to use their own props as follows:-
  1x yoga bolster (or 2 pillows)
  2x yoga blocks
  1x big warm blanket

Optional: Extra cushions, pillows, blocks and blankets to support you in the restorative poses and an eye mask for relaxation.

Do wear layers as your temperature will drop quickly when lying still.

Jo Welch

Jo has been practising yoga for over 20 years, initially training in classical Hatha Yoga at the Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton and in Rishikesh, India. She has explored several different approaches along the way, training with some of the top names in the industry. Over time, her style has developed and she now teaches a gentle style of Hatha Yoga led by the breath and has a particular interest in yoga for mental health and wellbeing. Mindful movements explore various postures with options and modifications offered along the way to soothe the body and calm the mind. Inspirational themes and yoga philosophy are woven into Jo’s sessions so you will leave feeling uplifted, empowered and peaceful.


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