There are many different styles of Yoga and the monthly Yoga events arranged by SYA provide opportunities for experiencing these different Yoga styles. The tutors for these SYA events are carefully chosen so that members can enjoy as great a variety as possible.

Diary of Events for 2022

Click on the event date to see a description of the workshop.

Date Theme Tutor
22nd January Ayurveda Julia Chilcott-Coombes
5th February Aerial Yoga Veronique Dumont
5th March Dynamism for Grounding Lorna Chapman
9th April Kirtan Chanting Nikki Slade
14th May Yin to go within Sarah Rush
11th June Earth Resonance David Tipper
9th July
Celebration Day
Differentiate, Activate, Integrate Jean Hall
10th September Get Twisted Natalie Penniall
8th October Viniyoga Sharon Newman
12th November Qigong Martin Julich
3rd December Nurture, Balance & Restore Jocelyn Jones
Bookings and Payments:
If you wish to book an event please use the Book online icon at each event below.  A place will be reserved for you, if available.  You will need a debit or credit card to pay online in order to complete the booking. 
You will receive a confirmation email after each booking.  We recommend that you set a password against your email address after your first booking - then you can access all your bookings at any time by visiting
Please note that all classes need to be pre-booked (no drop-ins) and any refunds are at the discretion of the committee.

Prices for 2022 Workshop Events: 

For Members: Half day £ Full day £
Earlybird - up to 14 days before the event 12 28
Standard - for the 13 days before the event 14 30
For Non-Members: Half day £ Full day £
Standard - at any time before the event 24 40


*Join now to benefit from the discounted membership prices for this and other events for the rest of the year.


Book online


Events are normally held at Durley Memorial Hall, Durley Street, Durley, Southampton, SO32 2AR.


Tutors may require participants to bring their own props. Where this is the case these requirements are listed in the event description.


Please note that you can substitute a towel for a blanket, or substitute a rolled up blanket or towel for a bolster.


Please endeavour to borrow flat blocks, bricks and belts from a fellow yogi when you don’t have your own.

Two Half Day sessions with Julia Chilcott-Coombes

Saturday 22 January 2022 10am – 12noon and 1pm – 3pm

The two sessions planned for this day are aimed at all levels. No experience required.


Book either one of them or book both sessions and bring a packed lunch to eat in the break.


Please bring props that you might usually use in any yoga session you attend; ensure you are comfortable throughout. Blankets are ideal to enhance warmth during the last section of the morning session. 


Please visit the YVUK website for further information


Ticket takings (after costs) as well as the tutor's fee will be donated to the Piam Brown Ward of Southampton General Hospital.

Morning Session 10am – 12noon Book online

Ayurveda Immersion

During this session we will build on our understanding of the classical Indian philosophy from which both Ayurveda and yoga originate; Ayurveda states there are four goals in life Dharma, Artha, Moksha and Kama.

Charaka quotes - ‘Ayurveda is the knowledge of happy and unhappy, a good and bad life, and that which contributes to those four aspects’.

In this session we will explore the Ayurveda focus of Dharma and the yoga focus of Moksha. Both are practical systems with the holistic perspective – people are seen as beings with unified body, mind and consciousness.

Understanding Dosha, Dhatus, Agni and Malas balance will underpin this practical session. The session will end with a deep immersion into meditation drawing on Chakra qualities, the flow of vayus and vibrational mantras.

Afternoon Session 1pm – 3pm Book online

How the body builds immunity through Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ayurveda lifestyle is based on three things - routine, moderation and tuning into the natural rhythms of the dosha and agni.
During this session we will be delving into how we can look after the body, well, maintain good health, how to recognise problems when they occur and how to pacify the imbalance.

‘The balance of the dosha ids health, imbalance is disease’ - Charaka Samita.

Julia will share some key ‘hacks’ into how to sustain a life that is always full of vitality and joy.

Julia Chilcott-Coombes 

BA (Hons), Phys Ed Cert, PGCE, E-RYT-500, CYQ-YMCA Dip, MCMA


Julia is a passionate Ayurveda Practitioner and Yoga trainer who lives and works in Southampton UK being the director of yoga Veda UK allows Julia to combine her profession as a teacher with her extensive knowledge of all thing Ayurveda and Yoga. Julia always delivers inspiring, informative sessions leaving you empowered to develop your own practice and self.

Yoga Morning with Veronique Dumont

Saturday 5 Febuary 2022

Class 1: 10am – 11:15am Book online

Class 2: 11:30am – 12:45pm Book online

Please note that this event is being held at Fairthorne Manor, YMCA, Southampton SO30 2GH, and not at Durley Hall

Focus, Fly & Flourish

Aerial Yoga is an incredible blend of soulful yoga and aerial skills work. Using a suspended silk hammock, aerial yoga offers a whole new dimension of the asanas (poses) which are not accessible on the mat such as handstand, full inversions, deeper hip opening, and more. It is a great way to increase flexibility, improve posture whilst keeping that clearance of mind feeling. It offers you a chance to go further with your practice, whether you go further with a stretch or strengthening sequence or if you just love to feel supported off the floor.


This experience will encompass breathing, simple warm up movements, followed by lifting ourselves off the ground and a few inversions. Join Veronique & Lauren this February for a bit of fun and float.


You can find more information on this FAQs document.

Adobe Acrobat document [87.8 KB]

Veronique Dumont

Veronique is originally from Canada but has been in the UK for over 6 years now. She has been practising yoga since 2011 where she quickly fell in love and soon established a strong personal practice. Shortly after, she integrated yoga’s philosophy and lifestyle as much off the mat as on and completed her 200h YTT training in Sun power Yoga created by Anne-Marie Newland in London.


Primarily trained and working as an English language teacher, she shares her passion for Yoga in the evenings.


Off the mat, even if quite busy, Veronique enjoys cooking, travelling, learning new skills as well as trying to attend as many events and other classes when she can. Joining SYA was a blessing and she feels very grateful for all that it brings.


Veronique's website ...Vero Yoga

Full Day with Lorna Chapman

Saturday 5 March 2022 10am – 4pm Book online

Dynamism for Grounding

As we head towards the newness of spring, can we discover new ways to approach our well-loved and perhaps well-worn yoga poses?



Lorna will take you through a fluid practice with the breath, whilst exploring how moving in and out of some of the poses before holding them can create greater stability, at the same time, hoping to show how you can avoid getting stuck in a ‘pose rut’.



A gentler restorative practice post prandial will allow you to digest your lunch. The morning practice will have prepared both mind and body for holding the poses for longer than usual. We will use plenty of props to maximise comfort.

  You will need to bring:-
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Blocks, bricks, bolsters and straps
  • Eye pillow, if desired

Lorna will bring a limited amount of props for you to borrow.

Lorna Chapman

Lorna set up Luna Yoga & Health in 2003 and is a BWY FCT. In 2016, she combined her love of yoga and water by becoming a SUP Yoga Teacher, and subsequently a SUP Tutor.
Lorna favours a flowing style, but adapts her teaching to suit all ages from teens at the Wessex Dance Academy, to those in their 70s, being influenced by a range of styles including ashtanga, Iyengar, vini and yin. Lorna also teaches regular yoga holidays abroad, themed workshops like Office Yoga, Yoga For Cyclists, Runners and Restorative Yoga. Lorna loves outside yoga and introduced free Park Yoga to Winchester this summer.


Lorna's’s website

Full Day with Nikki Slade

Saturday 9 April 2022 10am – 4pm Book online

Align to your Highest Vibration and express your best Self

Join Nikki in this uplifting and popular workshop where you will journey into the exploration of using empowering mantras and playful creative tools as a bridge into your full expression daily life.


What are the benefits in this creative and uplifting workshop?

  • Connect with your core sound
  • Open up and express your free inner voice
  • Connect to your creative flow
  • Transform the blocks to your self-expression and face your inner critic.
  • Align with your key note for all areas of everyday life

What will we do?

  • We will chant heart opening mantras together
  • You will explore your vocal potential in pairs and in groups
  • You will unleash your full self-expression using free mantra sound combined with movement
  • We will explore together sound vibration processes that connect us to the space of Oneness
  • You will leave empowered energized and free with practical tools to raise your vibration every day and fulfill on your dreams

What are the overall benefits?

  • As a teacher you will have more ease and flow at the front of the room
  • As a creative you will feel connected to the source of all your inspiration
  • As a communicator you will find yourself meaning what you say and saying what you mean
  • You will be enriched and uplifted by the end of the day

NB Please note you don't have to be a singer to attend this workshop everyone is welcome from 18yrs up.

Nikki Slade

Nikki is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. Nikki has inspired thousands of individuals to chant.She has been resident Kirtan leader at Triyoga in london for 18 yrs. Nikki has led chanting workshops for many corporations including M&C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco. She has also taken her cutting edge approach to working with the voice into Wandsworth men’s prison and she is the resident voice facilitator at the Priory hospital in North London and Start 2 Stop where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts for 18 years and 5 years at Start2Stop. She brought Kirtan for the first time to the Latitude festival in the summer of 2018 and again in 2019 and for the first time in a main stream area at Glastonbury Festival in 2019. She leads Kirtan annually at the World Yoga Festival.

Yoga Morning with Sarah Rush

Saturday 14 May 2022 10am – 12noon Book online

Yin to go within

A beautifully quiet practice combining a yin yoga sequence for balancing energy with contemplations and journalling.


During this practice you all spend some precious time out for reflection and review through guided journalling as you formulate a sankalpa or intention around that you wish to welcome in. We will take this resolve into a beautifully crafted yin practice to reset the energy body with breath work and asana leading into a sweet yoga Nidra bringing the body and mind to stillness.

  You will need to bring:-
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Bolster or cushions
  • Bricks are optional

Sarah Rush

Sarah has been practising yoga for thirty years and teaching full time since 2011. Over this time she has developed a warm and compassionate style of teaching incorporating the therapeutic benefits of asana along with mindfulness practice. Her teachers are many and varied which is evident in her style. Originally training to teach vinyasa flow she has since qualified to teach yoga for people with cancer; adults and children with disabilities; pregnancy and post natal; yin and mindfulness Insight training with her teacher Sarah Powers incorporating philosophy and practices drawn from Buddhism. Expect to be gently challenged and have a lot of fun with yogic philosophy and poetry woven throughout. Classes are welcoming for all levels.


Sarah’s website:-


Yoga Morning with David Tipper

Saturday 11 June 2022 10am – 12noon Book online

Earth Resonance

During this workshop you will move through an experience which will allow you to deeply connect to your personal and our collective resonance. The session will include active elements such as gentle movement, rhythm and voice, and a deeply immersive sound bath experience. Be ready to experience the power and healing vibrations of instruments such as Himalayan, Nepalese and crystal singing bowls, gong, handpan and more. Through both ancient and modern practices, you will be taken on a sensory journey of deep reflection and reconnection with nature.

David Tipper

Working with the name ‘Earth Resonance’, David is a practising sound therapist, hypnotherapist and teacher of yoga within the viniyoga tradition. He also works full time as a sixth form teacher of photography and film. His practice encourages a full sensory experience through both traditional and modern approaches. He is a practising Druid who is deeply inspired by the natural world and a great lover of trees. David’s gentle and relaxed teaching style is both engaging and inspiring and aims to create a practice accessible to all.


David’s website:-


Saturday 9 July 2022 10am – 4pm Book online

(Includes delicious buffet lunch)

Prices for 2022 Celebration Day: 

For Members:- Full day £
Earlybird - bookable up to March 31st 2022 40
Standard - bookable from April 1st 2022 48
For Non-Members:- Full day £
Standard - bookable from April 1st 2022 60

Differentiate, Activate, Integrate

Join Jean for a workshop to explore, feel and understand how bones, ligaments and joints have their own distinct functionality and role within the body. You’ll discover how they relate and work together to create wholeness of activation and full movement connectivity and integration. We’ll delve into the theory of our structure, but more importantly into creative movement explorations through experiential anatomy along with somatic yoga practices to cultivate and notice how subtle awareness and small changes within us have the most profound effect on how we feel, breathe and move our body in the circumstances of our lives.

Jean Hall

Jean qualified as a Iyengar yoga teacher in 1995 and since then has continued to study different forms of yoga and movement practices with many great teachers from many diverse backgrounds such as Geeta Iyengar and Rajmani Tigunait, as well as being self taught and working with more unconventional teachers, most noticeably Miranda Tufnell and the late Gill Clarke. She teaches a somatic style of flow (vinyasa) yoga and movement that stems from a deep listening within, so that the body’s wisdom and knowing can be heard, felt and valued. Her approach is both traditional and innovative, inspired by creative and fun sequencing that unfolds into dynamic flows, to help draw students and teachers safely beyond perceived limitations and closer to true potential and confidence. As well as teaching open classes in London and being a co-founder of triyoga’s advanced teacher training programme, she also offer one to one tuition, yoga workshops and retreats in the U.K and abroad.


Jean’s website:-

Yoga Morning with Natalie Penniall

Saturday 10 September 2022 10am – 12noon Book online

Get Twisted

Twists are one of Natalie's favourite group of yoga postures as they bring centring benefits to your consciousness, increase your energy, stimulate circulation and restore the spine’s natural range of motion. Natalie will guide you through this session incorporating twisting in standing, seated and supine asanas. Focusing on lengthening on inhales and twisting on exhales, working the four areas of the spine either together or separately bringing the whole body into balance.


Blocks/bricks/belts would be worthwhile bringing along.

Natalie Penniall

Natalie is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and qualified in 2010 with a Diploma from FRYOG and has been teaching ever since. Her classes are suitable for everybody regardless of age or ability and her style is a mixture of Hatha, Iyengar and flow inspired. She has been practising yoga for over 20 years with various inspiring teachers whom have influenced her today. She is passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga which hopefully comes across in her teaching style and enables you to find freedom in your mind and body.


Natalie’s website:-

Yoga Morning with Sharon Newman

Saturday 8 October 2022 10am – 12noon Book online

Step into Autumn

After the fullness and beauty of the summer, in this workshop we will be embracing the season of Autumn in all its abundance. We will explore balancing and dynamic postures together with gentle fluid sequences to boost the mood and to strengthen the body in preparation for winter. To end the session there will be a relaxing and nurturing relaxation. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing unhelpful habits, behaviours, and activities, what will you let go of? What is your own personal harvest? Just a couple of questions we may explore during our time together.


Please bring a block and something warm for relaxation.

Sharon Newman

Sharon has been teaching yoga in the Viniyoga tradition for over 20 years. The key aspect is about adapting yoga to suit the needs of every unique individual. This approach is inspired by the teachings of TKV Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya who taught many of the leading yoga teachers in the West in the 20th Century. Sharon teaches group classes and individuals as well as workshops and retreats. Her passion is to help people find their true potential whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually. She also teaches meditation, and is a qualified reiki practitioner.


Email Sharon here.

Full Day with Martin Julich

Saturday 12 November 2022 10am – 4pm Book online

The workshop will start with some Pranayama and Meditation to explore getting settled and grounded, followed by a mixture of Yin and Dynamic Style influenced Yoga. If there are any ailments or needs in the room, do voice them, as the form of the session will change according to who’s actually there.


The slowness of Yin lends itself to listen within and allows explorations of adjustments guided from the inner feeling. In Yin we tend to explore postures for 1-5 minutes, whilst the Dynamic Yoga influence focuses of Grounding, Broadening and Lengthening and activating your Bandha from the Hand and Foot Spirals.

Martin Julich

Martin has been practising Yoga, Qi Gong and Conscious Dance (5 Rhythms) since the the mid to late 80’s and loves an approach of ‘Being Inclusive’ in his teaching, aspiring to listen to and follow the inner voice to work with what presents in the room. His trainings in 5 Rhythms and Gestalt Therapy have a big influence in this. He runs Love Yoga Studio and with his partner Laura Davison at the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies. He is also a Shiatsu Practitioner and Chinese Herbalist.

Yoga Morning with Jocelyn Jones

Saturday 3 December 2022 10am – 12:30pm Book online

(Stay on for festive refreshments after the yoga session)

A Visual Inquiry and Yoga Workshop to Nurture, Balance and Restore

Whilst the festive season can bring much joy into our lives, it can also be draining. Expectations, either real or imagined, may be raised, and with less daylight to energise us as we approach the Winter Solstice. We will explore, using visual inquiry, a personal intention for the workshop. This will be accompanied by a gentle Hatha yoga practice to stretch and strengthen; a guided meditation to balance; and deep relaxation Yoga Nidra to restore. You will leave the workshop with a clearer sense of the positive changes you are making in yourself and your life.


Jocelyn’s website:-

Jocelyn Jones

Jocelyn initially qualified as a FRYOG yoga teacher in the 1980s, whilst also leading a social work training programme. Through her career in child protection, she has a longstanding interest in alleviating the embodied effects of trauma (PhD, University of Bath, 2008). Jocelyn completed her 500 hrs training with Real Yoga in 2017; and loves teaching students of all ages and experience. She has a particular interest in the therapeutic applications of yoga.

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